Well…. It’s Your Cow is up for Pre-Order!

Frog and I have worked incredibly hard to bring everyone this stellar collection of short stories.   It’s comedy, it’s horror, it’s post-apocalyptic– it’s everything wonderful that happens when you tell a bunch of authors: “You don’t have to do anything for this anthology except use these two lines of dialogue at the beginning of your story. The rest is up to you. Ok. Ready? Go!”

At the start of this journey, I wasn’t sure if I really thought this was a good idea.   Now I know it was the best idea, because each author really showed us what can happen when you give 19 different authors the same two opening lines, a cow (or C.O.W.), and free rein. After all, we’d told them, it’s your cowAnd that is definitely what we got. Nineteen beautiful, amazing stories that all start in the same place but immediately leap off into different times, settings, situations, and worlds.

The ebook version of Well… It’s Your Cow is available for pre-order now, and will release on November 10, 2018. Get your copy today, and stay tuned for launch party details (online or at Orycon in Portland, OR) November 10!

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Frog and I are super excited to see where this anthology goes.  Hope you will join us for the ride!

Esther Jones

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