Digital Glamour: Awakening Now Available for Pre-Order

We have released the opening story in the Digital Glamour universe — Awakening.  This story gives the world of Digital Glamour a context, and follows the story of Fengrahf the Troll as he is brought forward a thousand years into a cyberpunk world.

Digital Glamour is a passion project for Frog and Esther Jones, and was started as a way both authors could write their favorite things together – for Frog, it was cyberpunk. For Esther, Fairies.  Digital Glamour presents a universe in which fairies have re-emerged from a thousand-year hibernation into a bleak, corporate-controlled cyberpunk future.  It is an open world, and Impulsive Walrus anticipates that other authors will begin filling in their own fairies and adventures as this project expands.

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