ARC Team


What you get –

  • Free electronic ARCs of all Impulsive Walrus Books (ARC means Advanced Reader Copy – a copy of the book before it ever releases
  • Priority review of any slush-submitted manuscripts
  • More giveaways at cons
  • Our eternal thanks

What you agree to –

  • Post an honest review to Amazon within twelve hours of release of the book.
  • You will be notified of release date and time
  • Reviews will NOT be edited for content – you don’t like a book, you are free to say so.
  • Reviews WILL be checked to make sure everyone we’re giving a book to is doing their part

Impulsive Walrus Books will only use this e-mail address to send you free e-books as well as reminder e-mails for launch dates in order to procure your timely, honest review. Your e-mail address will never be sold to a third party or used for any other marketing purpose.