Now Available, Well… It’s Your Cow Has Launched!

From Impulsive Walrus Books publishing, this bovine has taken to the skies. We couldn’t have asked for a better welcome than OryCon40 gave us.  Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate and can now proudly say, “It’s my cow.”  It’s not too late to jump on this flight! Copies are available at many fine retailers online or near you and can also be ordered at your favorite local independent bookseller. If you bought a copy and enjoyed it, please remember to post a review

This off-the-wall literary anthology masterpiece, published by Impulsive Walrus Books, was born from a story Frog Jones told to a bunch of authors at a geek convention.  The stories span multiple genres really come together to celebrate the literary talents of the authors featured in “Well… It’s Your Cow”.

The authors really brought their A-game to this, and the sales so far have been awesome!! But you don’t have to trust me on the quality of the stories – Just between you and me, you can preview Frog’s Introduction and Sam Knight’s fabulous opening story, “Cows on the Wing,” on the Amazon page… Go forth and read. 🙂

You can purchase copies of “Well… It’s Your Cow” on Amazon, Kobo or Barnes & Noble

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