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Cthulhu FhCon is a Kickstarter “Project We love!”

19 humor and horror stories featuring Cthulhu from best-selling authors on Kickstarter until June 23!

Have you checked out our newest crazy horror, humor anthology on Kickstarter yet? It’s a fabulous read for folks who love fandom and don’t take themselves to seriously.

Our 19 best-selling and award winning authors explore what happens if your next convention is held at a hotel that’s secretly an alter to the old gods in the water, and they are influencing everyone and all the events there.

I know, I know. We’ve done it again with another kooky anthology that turns into just a great read with authors like Jennifer Brozek, Kat Richardson, Peter J. Wacks, Hank Schwaeble, Irene Radford, David Boop, M.J. Stoumbos, A.R.R. Ash, Paul DeStefano, and Jason Frei.

Plus, it’s a convention book, so we have SHWAG! A collectible enamel pin, an art print, stickers, and even a premium alternate cover that also unlocks bonus payments for our authors. So go show Cthulhu and our authors some love on Kickstarter now, because it will only be there until June 23!

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