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Cover of Blackbox Protocol from Impulsive Walrus Books, a speculative fiction publishing firm.

Blackbox Protocol

Impulsive Walrus Book’s newest publication, Blackbox Protocol, is an intriguing story based off the RPG game Neverwhen. Fans of fantasy and RPG games will find this book a thrilling experience.

Being a Private Investigator in the high-tech, magical city of Manzala requires more than street-smarts.

Martin Aten makes do with a lifetime of experience in software engineering. Accompanied by the voice of his wife Jean and his memories of days gone by, he lives each life day-to-day, just scraping through.

But every once in a while, a job comes along that’s bigger than it looks. And when the city’s most successful techno-dwarf hires Martin to recover a stolen, prized personal possession–the job already looks massive.

From the dingy back-streets of Manzala to the planets beyond, this case is going to take Martin farther than any other case before. The hunt for a stolen item brings him new friends, new enemies, and–if he’s very, very lucky–the chance to save Manzala from a danger it doesn’t know is descending on it. Regardless, he knows he’s not returning to Manzala the same man who left it.

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Cover of Well... It's Your Cow, from Impulsive Walrus books, a speculative fiction publisher.

Well… It’s Your Cow

In the throes of a convention full of geeks, Frog Jones told a story.

That story is found in this book’s foreword, but the key line from the story became the title of this anthology. The authors seized upon that line, much like an out-of-control bovine seizing its own halter, and stampeded into the volume you see before you.

This is not just a comedy anthology. Nor is it horror, or romance, or literary, or…well, any one thing. Rather, it is all those things. Each story starts exactly in the same place. But each author immediately leaps from there into their own world.

This anthology celebrates the creativity of these authors, because it does not shackle them to a theme. The starting line is the same–the finish line is on other planets, in other times, and in alternate realities.

You’re not going to feel cohesiveness reading this thing. It’s not going to be several stories hitting the same note. But you are going to experience a wider panoply of stories than you would in other anthologies.

And as to what you make of them, or what stories they may inspire in you? Well…that’s your cow.

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Grace Under Fire book cover from Impulsive Walrus books, a speculative fiction publishing firm.

Grace Under Fire

Book one in this six part series, Grace Under Fire follows the adventure of Grace Moore, a mid-level worker, book worm, and food geek, when she is sent by her Grove to report back about a mysterious attack that has wiped out the Summoners in nearby Spokane.

During her investigation, she meets Robert Lorents, a foster kid who has managed to dip his toe in the wrong waters. A teenage band nerd with his head wrapped around romantic fantasies and his heart firmly ensconced in his saxophone case, the sudden death of his one remaining biological relative launches him down a path to learn his own fantastic–if felonious–powers.  These two are forced together by circumstance – an unwilling mentor and an uncontrolled student – to face a threat that has already annihilated summoners far more powerful than one researcher and one untrusting, untrained teen. 

To save reality as we know it, they must learn to work with one another, discover the true nature of their opponent, and, of course, avoid getting arrested for trying to save our existence.

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Coup De Grace book cover from Impulsive Walrus books, a speculative fiction publishing firm.

Coup De Grace

Book two in this six part series, Coup de Grace follows Robert Lorents, now a high school graduate, and Grace Moore on more exciting adventures. 

Robert Lorents is now balancing senior projects with a demon-banishing side gig-and his mentor, Grace, can’t even stir herself to help him out. She’s off to Las Vegas and other places on “Grove Business” or some rubbish.

Grace Moore, once a mere political pawn from Seattle’s Grove of Summoners, has inherited command of Spokane’s Grove – no doubt because no one else had been stupid enough to take the understaffed, underpowered, hot-button mess left after the fiasco last fall.

She finds herself swimming in political obligations without so much as a rubber floatie. And on top of that, her youngest-and most powerful-summoner isn’t too happy that she keeps having to leave to drum up more support and resources for their little group from the other Groves. She has enough to deal with without his nonsense.

Graduation is a time of beginnings. It’s also a time of owning one’s path and assuming new responsibilities, or accepting consequences of past actions. But usually those responsibilities don’t involve banishing demons, fending off the police, or controlling world-wrecking power. I suppose nobody ever promised life after high school would be a path of roses.

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Falling From Grace

Book three in this six part series, Falling From Grace follows Robert Lorents and Andrea Rothstein as they confront a world fundamentally changed by the events of book two. 

Robert Lorents has done it all. He beat back the demonic Cythymau’s invasion of our world. He’s rescued Andrea, the damsel who’d haunted his thoughts for a year. And, while doing all of that, he’d still managed to graduate high school and get himself into college.

But everything has its price, and for Robert that cost has been heavy. The aftermath of the battle left law enforcement on high alert, just as eager to kill as to capture summoners. New laws are being put into place to hunt down summoners everywhere. And sure, the Spokane Grove’s ranks have been bolstered by a couple of additions, like Grace’s best-bud Amy—but it also includes Robert’s new boss/attempted assassin. Add to that a summoner who can barely move a piece of paper around and a hyper-enthusiastic thirty-foot hedgehog/raccoon spirit with tremendous power and even greater boundary issues. With allies like that, Robert doesn’t even need enemies.

And Andrea.

Andrea Rothstein might have escaped Cythymau’s world—but after centuries of being chained up as the demon’s magical battery, not even home feels like home. She’s not about to trust anyone or anything that might run a chance of putting her back in someone’s debt again.

The Grove is fractured, and when that exposes its members to law enforcement, all of them must rely on each other—whether they want to or not. Because when the world calls you a “reality terrorist,” it’s time to find out who you can rely on… and who already had a knife at your back.

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