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Impulsive Walrus Books is a small press publisher of fantasy and science fiction run by Frog and Esther Jones.  

Esther Jones is the Owner and Executive Editor of Impulsive Walrus, responsible for running the business and publishing side of the press, while Frog is the Acquisitions Editor and runs the author and editing side. 

If you’ve met Frog and Esther at a convention or other places, you may already know they are total geeks, full-time professionals, and published authors. And of course, publishers. 

Frog and Esther fell into publishing much like they did writing. They’d always had an interest in it, but their friends fanned that spark into something much bigger. Meaning, Frog told a bunch of authors, at a book launch party for Sanan Kolva, a story about cows, a catapult, and a coconut.  By the end of Frog’s story, a whole room full of authors all wanted to take two lines from that story and write their very own unique cow opus. 

And then Frog spoke the words, “We can do an anthology! I’ll edit it.” He turned to Esther with a hopeful gleam in his eye, fueled by congratulatory cake, and said, “We can publish that, right?”  

Esther looked at the crowd of sugar-buzzed friends, and said, “Sure! Why not! We can figure it out.”  Much cheering and further chaos ensued.

And so, Frog posted a call for submissions, authors actually submitted to it, Frog edited the stories, Esther formatted those manuscripts into the final book, and bought the cover art.  Impulsive Walrus Books became an official publisher in January of 2018, with, “It’s Your Cow: An Anecdotal Anthology,” published in November that year. That story is memorialized in the introduction to “It’s Your Cow.”

Since then, Impulsive Walrus Books has been finding and publishing stories that we love. Our goal is to always to tell stories that you can’t resist, that take you to other worlds, other places, and other times, and make it hard for you to put the story back down.

Thank you for coming on the journey with us and all of our authors. 

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