Call for Submissions: Cthulhu FhCon – UPDATED!

Somewhere in the world, there is a hotel on an island in the middle of a large river.  This hotel was designed and built in the 1980s, and its labyrinthine corridors and structural design make no sense at all to the modern eye.  And all the while, the deep, dark, swirling waters of the river conceal its secrets. Unknown to all but its mad designer, this hotel was built as an altar to the Old God that rests under the dark, flowing current.  Whether that altar contains the Old God and ensures his slumber, is built to one day call … Continue reading >Call for Submissions: Cthulhu FhCon – UPDATED!

Creativity in a Bottle

I have time, these days. Oh, I’m still working from home. And so’s Esther. And I still do my job, but…when you can do your court dockets by Zoom, they happen faster. I don’t have to put on a suit every morning. And I’m here, at my computer. And I work, during the times I’m getting paid to work, but there’s so much extra time because I don’t have to go to work. Extra. Time. For a writer, extra timFor a writer, extra time is…everything. The one problem with being a writer (that isn’t famous enough, yet, to live on … Continue reading >Creativity in a Bottle

Call for Submissions: Going Viral (Tentative title)

WILL BE CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS AS OF 11:59 PST 5/24/20 – Thank you to everyone who submitted stories!! The COVID-19 quarantine has us all shut up in our homes. Businesses have ground to a halt, the economy is slowed to a snail’s pace, and nobody is entirely certain how long it is going to last. In the middle of all of this, black market businesses have begun to operate: underground hair salons, photography studios, businesses once completely legitimate and now illegal simply for operating. If I’d written this call a year ago, it would stop there–but that’s no longer speculative … Continue reading >Call for Submissions: Going Viral (Tentative title)

Well…It’s Your Cow!

Launching in November – It’s Your Cow! This  anecdotal anthology features stories from Sam Knight, Frances Pauli, Ryan Riddell, and many more.  It is not a themed anthology, in that no author was restricted as to genre, or subject matter, or content in any way save one – every story within this anthology begins with the following lines: “So, are we sure this is a good idea?” “Well…it’s your cow.” Watch as that story hook is dropped into a pool of authors, each with their own take on what those lines mean.  There’s humor, there’s romance, there’s tragedy, there’s apocalypse, there’s aliens, … Continue reading >Well…It’s Your Cow!