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Genre Fiction.

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Impulsive Walrus Books specializes in science fiction and fantasy books that are easy to pick up and hard to put down!

Well… It’s Your Cow: An Anecdotal Anthology

In the throes of a convention full of geeks, Frog Jones told a story. Authors seized on a key line from that story, much like an out-of-control bovine seizing its own halter, and stamped into this fan-favorite anthology.

Graceless: Gift of Grace, Action Adventure Novel #4

For a thousand years, I was a demon’s slave. Two people saved me. Only one lived.

Robert and Andrea’s adventures finally continue in the Gift of Grace series, book 4.

Blackbox Protocol Novella: Neverwhen Chronicles

Set in the Pathfinder gaming universe of Neverwhen, being a PI in the high-tech, magical city of Manzala requires more than street-smarts.

Grace Under Fire

Everyone’s had a terrible boss—but most aren’t in charge of a covert syndicate of underground magic users already hated by the public and targeted by law enforcement. I’m pretty sure mine is trying to kill me.