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Well… It’s Your Cow

This anthology is what happens when:

Step 1: Frog builds a roman-style torsion catapult in our garage

Step 2: Friends want to see it hurl things heavier than a foam ball

Step 3: You arrange to hurl melons and other fruits into a friend’s cow pasture

Step 4: One of your friends brings a coconut

Step 5: You mention this incident in the middle of a crowd of authors, and they all want to write their own story

Step 6: Frog edits an anthology of stories loosely held together by the question, “So, do we think this is a good idea?” and response, “Well… It’s your cow.”

Step 7: The authors then go wherever they want, and tell vastly different stories that all start in the same place.

“if you would ordinarily buy a collection of short stories to entertain yourself, this is absolutely the collection of short stories that you should buy.”
– An Amazon Reader

Featuring stories by USA Today Best Selling author Lee French, Sam Knight, Frances Pauli, Sanan Kolva, Ian Madison Keller, Joyce Reynolds-Ward, Deby Fredericks, Thomas Gondolfi, Kaye Thornbrugh, Voss Foster, Manny Frishberg, and many others.