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Soul of the Shieldmaiden

Written by Frog and Esther Jones

Copyright Impulsive Walrus Books 2022

Cover Art and Design by Dasha Y. Park

Aelfwyn always dreamed of the sea as a girl. But when she was eight, Danish raiders sacked her town and took her as a thrall. Now she begins an entirely different life in service to the very people who attacked her home and family–but also the people who can show her the ways of the sea.

Erik is the son of Jarl Magnus and bound by his duty to his father and his people. But when he is given Aelfwyn as a thrall, he sees in her more than a slave–he sees someone he can speak to, someone he enjoys being around.

As the feelings of these two bloom for each other, the realities of their world set in. Everything seems set on keeping them apart. And Aelfwyn finds herself pulled in all directions. To cope, she must truly find within her the Soul of the Shieldmaiden.

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