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Falling From Grace

Last summer before starting college, I rescued a girl held hostage in another world by a demon. The consequences of defeating that demon ended up bigger than I ever could have imagined…

My mentor died getting us out of there.

My magic brands me as a reality terrorist to be interrogated and killed.

I have to keep my head down and blend in as a normal first-year dorm student with attracting any attention…

While keeping an eye on the traumatized girl I brought into this hostile situation. And still preventing spirits and demons from encroaching into this world uninvited.

Oh, and the other summoners still hate my guts too.

Without my mentor, can I keep myself—or anyone else—safe in this aggressive environment? Is there anybody around me I can trust to have my back? Or are they the ones most likely to stab a knife into it?

“I read the entire book in one setting because I could not bear to put it down during the action.”
– Misty Ross, Amazon Reader