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Impulsive Walrus Books’ newest publication, Blackbox Protocol, a Neverwhen adventure, is scheduled for release on June 20. 

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After reading Blackbox Protocol, start your adventure in the table-top roleplaying game, Neverwhen, that the book Blackbox Protocol was based on. 

Grace Under Fire

Grace Moore is a Seattle woman with a unique sense of fashion, an obsession for delicious and exotic food, and a highly illegal magical ability to change the reality around her.

When the summoners in nearby Spokane are wiped out, her own Grove pulls her from a cushy research position and sends her as an understrength, token response to the attack.

Coup De Grace

High school graduation is an exciting time for anyone. But for Robert Lorents, who spent last fall pissing off a demon and upsetting the balance of power in an intricate, underground network of summoners, ‘exciting’ has taken on a whole different level. Now he’s balancing senior projects with a demon-banishing side gig – and his mentor, Grace, can’t even stir herself to help him out. She’s off to Las Vegas and other places on “Grove Business” or some rubbish.

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