Finding Neglected Muscles

So as of January, I’ve started working out. At least until the pandemic hit and closed the gym next to my day job. I guess it closed my day job too, but I’ve been fortunate enough to work from home.  Anyway, at this gym the trainers are super friendly, and I’d been going in on my lunch break. After they’d seen me there a few times, and I’d asked a few really newb questions—like how to turn on the elliptical (start walking), or how to adjust the seat on weight machine (twist, then pull), they offered to show me how … Continue reading >Finding Neglected Muscles

Creativity in a Bottle

I have time, these days. Oh, I’m still working from home. And so’s Esther. And I still do my job, but…when you can do your court dockets by Zoom, they happen faster. I don’t have to put on a suit every morning. And I’m here, at my computer. And I work, during the times I’m getting paid to work, but there’s so much extra time because I don’t have to go to work. Extra. Time. For a writer, extra timFor a writer, extra time is…everything. The one problem with being a writer (that isn’t famous enough, yet, to live on … Continue reading >Creativity in a Bottle